Before & After Home Staging Pictures

Bringing Rooms From “Woe” to “Wow!”

A cluttered home is often the sign of a cluttered mind!

The before and after pictures of home staging can often be misleading as the home stager often stages both before and after pictures themselves; this is especially true of newer home staging operations. It is imperative that before you award the contract to a specialist you have properly looked at their list of references and their portfolio. It is too easy today for almost anyone to take a home staging study course and after a few simply tests can claim to belong to a blanket organization or group.

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  4. Decorating for Real Life: The Shabby Nest’s Guide to Beautiful, Family-Friendly Spaces
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  10. How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Redesign, Redecorating, and Home Staging Business: With Companion CD-ROM

Before and After is often so hard to tell the difference especially when dealing with someone who has secret motives!

As in anything the buyer should beware.

By changing the position of furniture, through de-cluttering and by highlighting the features of your home you can create a more livable space. When you achieve a balanced new look in your home you will feel calmer, happier and more at ease.

Concepts like Feng-Shui have become more popular as people spend more time in their homes and want to create the most comfortable environment. Redesign of the home doesn’t involve esoteric or complicated theories like those of Feng-Shui. We use simplicity and taste as our guides for your transformation. After your redesign or home dressing consultation you will learn ways to improve the flow, efficiency, clarity and overall style of your. The consultation will introduce you to new ideas and new ways of bringing your home into a more comfortable state.

People often collect objects and furnishings and bring them home and place them somewhere and that’s it… over time they add more to our rooms but tend to forget that the order and balance and colors of these new additions don’t always create harmony, instead they can create subtle disturbance in the energies of the home.

Having us redesign, re-organize or de-clutter your home will frees up your energy and allow you to move on with more important things in your life because it means you spend less time cleaning and organizing. Having newly defined and decorated areas will open up space in your home and in your mind and you will spend less time procrastinating as well as save money and storage space.

Home Staging: Bring out the best in your home

Put the wow factor into your home by staging it. Give your home the best appearance possible. With very little money, simply by applying elbow grease, and some focused planning and time, you can optimize your living space to make a far better first impression than it now makes, both outside and inside. Home staging is the process of upgrading your home visually, either to positively influence a potential buyer or to add maximum visual luster to your home just for yourself, your neighbors, and your guests. The curb appeal of the outside of your home and the “first-glance” appeal inside your home can be greatly upgraded with just a little know-how of WHERE to put your time, and WHAT to improve to make the biggest visual impressions.

There are places to put your time and money and places NOT to put your time and money in this project. The principles contained in this easy booklet will show you the difference, immediately. A home, so exquisitely showcased, says something about the owners inside the home, too. It puts your best foot forward. Get this short simple to-the-point tutorial and you will be hours and money ahead of the game. Includes color illustrations of examples, good and bad.

In some stores best price as low as:

How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Redesign, Redecorating, and Home Staging Business: With Companion CD-ROM

Are you planning to become part of this redesign or real estate staging network? During this time of phenomenal growth, these businesses may be worth your investigation.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, then the redesign or home staging business may be just right for you. Do you love decorating your home? Are you addicted to home decorating shows and magazines? Do you know exactly what someone should do to sell their home fast? Are you constantly moving your furniture around? Do you find yourself decorating for your friends and family for free? Do you have a flair for decorating?

Keep in mind, however, that Redesign and Real Estate Staging are more than just having the talent and skills to do the job. The business of the business is the part that can be tricky.

Readers of this book will fall into one of the following categories: Those With a Second Career: You already have a successful career and are looking for something new. In fact, the design field may be totally unrelated to anything you have ever done before.Those Wishing To Be Their Own Boss: You want to have more control over your day and how it goes. Being your own boss allows you to be flexible.
Those That Are Business Beginners: You have started your own business, and are finding that the small business tools that are available just do not apply to the design industry.
Those That Want To Grow Their Design Business: You already are fully engaged in your own design business and need sound marketing principles to grow your business further.
Those That Are Curious: You just want to know what the design industry is all about and find out if you can develop your passion into a thriving business.

No matter which description fits you, this book will be instrumental in your success of the business side of redesigning and home staging.

Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company president’s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice.  Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.

This Atlantic Publishing eBook was professionally written, edited, fact checked, proofed and designed. The print version of this book is 288 pages and you receive exactly the same content. Over the years our books have won dozens of book awards for content, cover design and interior design including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin award for excellence in publishing. We are proud of the high quality of our books and hope you will enjoy this eBook version.

Typical Cost: $ 39.95

In some stores best price as low as: $ 19.97

Home Staging That Works: Sell Your Home in Less Time for More Money

  • Used Book in Good Condition

Want to sell your home at a premium price-now? Never mind simply tidying up: an amazing 91 per cent of real estate professionals say professional staging is the way to go. But sure enough, hiring a staging consultant will cost you. Thankfully, you can now get all the secrets and techniques the pros don’t want you to know, from one of America’s most successful staging experts. “Home Staging That Works” shows you how to turn any home into a showpiece that buyers will be fighting over. With specific recommendations on what to do, keep, chuck, fix, paint, replace, avoid, update, show, hide, highlight, and more, you’ll learn how to: focus on your potential buyers’ tastes (not your own); create curb appeal; drive internet interest with photos that flatter your home; de-clutter and pre-pack at the same time; clean and repair your home without spending a fortune ; and keep your home sale-ready – without being afraid to live in it. Complete with photographs of real-life before-and-after transformations, “Home Staging That Works” offers strategies for each room in your home, as well as conceptual approaches to bring the parts together beautifully. Your home is a magical place waiting for the right buyer to fall in love. Make the match happen with “Home Staging That Works”!

Typical Cost: $ 18.95

In some stores best price as low as: $ 6.90

Sell Your Home Fast – 201 Home Staging Secrets

Sell Your Home Fast”

Are you keen to sell your home fast and get the best price possible?

Do you want a stress free process when selling your home?

Do you want your prospective buyers to fall in love with your home and have
several buyers vying to have your home as theirs?

Are you after a quick and easy selling process and achieve a price over and
above what the realtor has estimated?

Then investing in  “Sell Your Home Fast” to help you with your home staging
is a must. Even the most looked after home can still benefit by home staging
when looking through the eyes of a trained professional.

It’s true that whilst you’re inside a situation you’re not able to see the “wood
for the trees”. If you’ve been living in your own home for a few years or even
decades it’s impossible to see your home as a prospective buyer would see it.

Thea helps you to “take off your rose-colored glasses” and see your home as
others see it.

Here’s what you’ll discover in “Sell Your Home Fast”:

* Do you want prospective home-buyers knocking on your door and jostling
to be the buyer of your home?

* Would you like to see your home in the most positive light attracting only the
best buyers willing to pay the asking price?

* Is your goal to sell your home for the top price possible?

* Do you want to add massive value to your home without breaking the budget?

* Are you wanting to make the best impression you possibly can when selling
your home?

* Do you want to turn your home into a buyer’s dream?

* Are you wanting a smooth, hassle and stress-free process when selling your home?

If you’d like to achieve all of the above then your investment in “Sell Your Home Fast”
won’t disappoint you.

What’s included in the book:-

* Thea shows you how to see your home as other do

* She will take you through each room, step by step focusing on aspects that
can be improved

* Thea starts right at the front of your home and takes you through to the back
suggesting areas which could be improved

* Many of the strategies included in the book are low or no cost – adding massive value for
very little monetary input.

* Thea will show you how to create great curb appeal – catering to your buyers’
first impressions

* Many cost saving strategies will be exposed giving you a top quality job at a budget price

* You will be shown many overlooked items that will make a huge difference to the overall
appeal of your home.

* You may even want to stay in your home when you’ve totally revamped it to a “brand new”

In some stores best price as low as:

Decorating with Books (House Beautiful)

  • Used Book in Good Condition

From House Beautiful comes a worthy addition to any decorator’s library–a stylish guide on making books a part of your home décor.

Opening the pages of a book can instantly carry you off to another world. But did you realize that, open or closed, books can also make your real world–your home–more fabulous? As legendary designer Billy Baldwin pointed out, they’re “the best decoration,” capable of bringing incredible warmth, color, and character to a room. From grand bookcases in home libraries to casual stacks artfully arrayed on chairs, House Beautiful presents countless eye-catching ideas for displaying and arranging your hardcovers, paperbacks, encyclopedias, and even valuable first editions. Useful tips shed light on how to organize a large collection; situate bookcases in the room for the best effect; and make the most of books’ appealing visual and tactile qualities. From traditional interpretations to contemporary visions–such as putting a book on a pedestal as an objet d’art–these concepts write a new page in design.
A Selection of the Homestyle Book Club.

Typical Cost: $ 24.95

In some stores best price as low as: $ 8.99

Home Decorating For Dummies

Do you long to create picture-perfect rooms but can’t quite seem to achieve them? Do you want better functioning spaces for working, playing, or living? Do you clamor to express your personal style? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve turned to the right source for real answers from the pros.

Home Decorating For Dummies, 2nd Edition is for all kinds of people in all kinds of decorating situations, including:

  • First-time buyers or renters. You have a whole new place to decorate. Where do you start?
  • Second- or third-time home buyers. Whether you’ve gone up or down in size, stayed in the same region or moved to a whole new one, you need to know how to make your old furniture work in a new setting, how to add furnishings, and how to make your style seem fresh.
  • Newly blended families. He has furniture, she has furniture, they have furniture. Can it all work together harmoniously? Indeed!
  • And anyone else who loves decorating. Don’t forget: Imagination counts.

Each part of Home Decorating For Dummies, deals with a broad area of decorating, and each chapter contains specific and detailed information. You’ll discover tips on

  • Basic planning – where to begin when you want to start decorating
  • Creating surface interest – the effects of color, pattern, and texture, and the problems created by too much or too little of them
  • Creating backgrounds – what you need to know about the special decorating requirements of your walls
  • Tackling tough rooms – how to effectively decorate rooms that have special functional requirements
  • Accessorizing with art and other stuff – adding the final flourishes to every space in your place

Home Decorating For Dummies, 2nd Edition contains all the basics – including how to figure out what you can spend; how to spend it; and the latest and greatest in styles, trends, and technology. What do you do with your space next? The possibilities are endless.

Typical Cost: $ 19.99

In some stores best price as low as: $ 10.26

Bungalow Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Arts and Crafts Home

The classic American bungalow is as popular today as when introduced in the Victorian era. Bungalow Style pictures a wide variety of interior details and describes how to add or restore elements that suggest a historic flair while keeping the home comfortable and functional. Common problems such as integrating modern conveniences or gaining needed space are also addressed.

Typical Cost: $ 29.95

In some stores best price as low as: $ 12.89

Staged to Sell (or Keep): Easy Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

  • Used Book in Good Condition

With the aftershocks of the recent mortgage crisis, anxiety about inflation and a volatile economy, many Americans are concerned about enhancing the value of their homes. Whether you plan to continue living in your home, are determined to sell immediately, or want to increase its resale value for years down the road, Staged to Sell (or Keep) will show you how to look at and transform your home.

Chapters will address room by room ways to improve the value of your home through paint, surface upgrades, fabrics and soft touches, furnishings and accents, lighting, clutter control and artistic and architectural focal points.

Clearly organized, filled with photos of inspiring rooms, and brimming with expert tips, this book will help readers recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their home, and show them how to bring out its best. The ideas presented here can be done in an hour, an afternoon or over several months, depending on your timeframe and your budget. Like some of the best things in life, many of these improvements cost very little or are even free!

Typical Cost: $ 21.99

In some stores best price as low as: $ 10.50

The New Step-by-Step Home Decorating Projects (Singer Sewing Reference Library)

No matter what your sewing experience level is, you’ll find great ways to decorate your home with creative confidence. There are projects to make decorative pillows, create fabulous window treatments, re-cover chairs, decorate your bathroom and much, much more.This huge book reflects the most current trends in decorating and includes easy-to-follow instructions and helpful color photographs.

Typical Cost: $ 24.95

In some stores best price as low as: $ 6.50

Loew Cornell Simply Art Window Markers

  • Includes blue, red, yellow and white
  • Vibrant and opaque inks
  • Indoor/outdoor weather resistant
  • Washable from glass: use water or glass cleaner with a paper towel and wipe clean
  • Great for decorating: windows, mirrors, acrylic, and school activities

Simply Art 4-Count Window Markers are great for decorating windows, mirrors, acrylic, and for school activities. Package includes blue, red, yellow, and white markers. These vibrant and opaque inks are indoor/outdoor weather resistant. Washable from glass: use water or glass cleaner with a paper towel and wipe clean.

Typical Cost: $ 6.99

In some stores best price as low as: $ 4.16

Great Traditional Style (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating)

  • More than 24 home tours and 250 photos showcasing traditional style applied to every room in the house.
  • Real homes illustrate the range of interpretations of traditional style, from formal to casual.
  • Shows how to get the look with antique and reproduction furniture and accessories, color, pattern, and architecture.

Typical Cost: $ 19.95

In some stores best price as low as: $ 4.78

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